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    As an educational institution, use LearnPage platform to market your courses and training, support engagement with students, administrate your permanent page and share your resources with your classes, you will be able to use all services below

    Permanent Page:

    - Permanent page address for Institute/Center (URL) www.learnpage/InstitutePageName

    - Page Content Management System to add/edit any part of your page.

    - Your page contains logo, pictures,videos,announcements board and all your courses and events

    Online Posting System:

    o Online posting and editing courses, programs and any workshop any time
    o Manage institute account
    o Create any number of administrators for the account
    o Extend the life of post with a single click.

    Online Registration System

    o Now student can register online to each course or event
    o From institution account you can view registered people contacts.

    Online Class Management System

    o Make an online classroom for each course
    o The class student can enroll online to your classes (Online Enrollment System)
    o Each student will have an account on the system
    o Upload any materials/files to your classes
    o Connect Classroom:
    - Each classroom will be accessible for enrolled students
    - Classroom contain a list of student names and emails
    - All uploaded files
    - Also it includes syllabus, instructor biography, schedules, announcements and others.